Client Testimonials

It is evident to me that Powerhouse is dedicated to providing a high level of service and their staff have considerable knowledge of the Sobeys footprint and the unique challenges we face within the grocery sector. Powerhouse has greatly improved the communication to us as the Client and reporting benchmarks are being met effectively.

Initiatives such as automating our Preventive Maintenance Schedules and increased Vendor Performance reporting has truly led to a higher level of Vendor accountability. Added to this, the assistance they have provided with setting up project specific reports and I can honestly say that Sobeys Ontario is very satisfied with the value we receive through the Powerhouse Facility Maintenance Program.

Kirk Shiplo
Sobeys Ontario – Manager, Energy & Maintenance

The Forzani Group has utilized the services of Powerhouse since 2001 on a National level for all of our energy procurement contracts. We have been very pleased with the savings we have obtained in that time period and it is a pleasure working with Wayne and his Associates. They take on all of the burden of dealing with various Energy Suppliers and we are confident in the professional advice we receive from them.

Doug Stone
Forzani Group Ltd. – Real Estate and Construction

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