About Us

About Us

Powerhouse Management Services has a proven track record with major national clients. We assist companies by centralizing, capturing, and tracking all relevant data for each of their locations, in a cost-effective manner.

As an independently owned company, our focus lies on meeting client goals, and providing professional and impartial service to our customers. Our state of the art software, facilities, and data tracking/processing capabilities enables us to work closely with our national and multi-site clients, which in turn allows them to reduce costs, and focus their resources on what they do best.

In all aspects of our business, Powerhouse remains an impartial, independent, and solely owned representative of our clients’ needs. We will never sell or represent any related product lines. We only exist to reduce cost and provide value to our customers.

ConnectEnergy is the utility data/energy controls management division of Powerhouse Management Services. Provincial market requirement changes over the past few years and ensuing customer needs have made it increasingly important to get a good handle on one’s energy data and practices. Our expertise, focus on client service and satisfaction, and strong relationship building have enabled us to meet customer expectations, grow rapidly, and serve even more clients nationwide. Our services began with commodity procurement consultation and quickly expanded into energy efficiency analysis and consulting, and data collection and management in real time.

We developed ConnectEnergy to meet clients’ increasingly growing and complex requirements, and deliver the best value and the best results, all in real time and with immediate tangible results.

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ConnectSmart is the facility maintenance division of Powerhouse Management Services. Similar in nature to utility costs, facility maintenance costs can be greatly reduced and service optimized with our state of the art 24/7/365 inbound dispatch center which centralizes, streamlines, and facilitates all maintenance requirements of our clients. Work order tracking and reconciliation is a key component of this service.

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