Case Studies

August 2, 2016

Case Study – Lighting Load Reductions – Annual Cost Savings of $575K

Overview Through an internal auditing program, Six Sigma, Staples Canada asked all departments to identify potential areas for further reductions in ongoing operating costs. The Staples Energy Committee (SEC) submitted our proposal for lighting load reductions and it was accepted […]

July 28, 2016

Case Study – Redundant Meters – Annual Cost Avoidance of $18K

Overview As companies grow and add locations, acquire businesses or expand existing sites, most times attention is not paid to the number of utility meters at each site. This can eventually lead to what is called “redundant meters”. These meters […]

July 26, 2016

Case Study – High Water Consumption – Annual Cost Avoidance of $16K

Overview As the highest cost utilities are generally electricity and heating, most companies do not spend a lot of time reviewing their water cost. For most retail locations, the only water usage would be in a lunchroom and staff/public washrooms […]

July 21, 2016

Case Study – Gas Meter Cross Connection – Recovery of $28K

Overview Gas companies are constantly changing meters for a number of reasons. Some become dysfunctional while others have to be exchanged periodically based on Government certification standards. Sometimes these meter exchanges are not completed properly and as a result, one […]

August 6, 2013

Case Study – Water Audit Results in Recovery of over $230K

Overview A long time multi-site retail client of ours, Staples, recently added their water utility bills under our utility data management service offering. Previously, they had both their gas and electricity bills under the program, but decided that the water […]

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