Energy Controls Management

Energy Controls Management

At Powerhouse, we offer a customized solution to managing all of your on-site environmental control systems. Many companies, who have installed control systems within their locations (to manage their lighting and HVAC levels), continue to struggle with maintaining these systems. Control systems are generally sold to customers with the sales pitch that they “practically run themselves” – however this does not always prove to be the reality.

Many companies require numerous changes at site level throughout the year, such as seasonal open/close hours, extended hours for inventory/holidays, and requirements for remote assistance with onsite technicians. As well, system alarms should be investigated regularly to ensure that equipment is operating as effectively as possible.

If your company is either relying on staff at the site level or head office to monitor these controls, our experience demonstrates that there is potential for costs to actually increase. Quite often, periodic adjustments are made to accommodate current requirements, but schedules are not restored afterwards, and your lighting and HVAC can remain on extended schedules for days longer then they should. If system alarms are not monitored, then a maintenance issue that could have been resolved immediately, may not be dealt with for weeks, resulting in inefficiencies on-site.

By utilizing Powerhouse for your Energy Controls Management, you can be assured of 24/7/365 service through our Customer Service Center for all your requirements. We will work with both the site contacts and head office staff to ensure schedules are as tight as possible, in order to maximize reductions in usage and costs. If the customer also chooses to utilize Powerhouse for any of our other service offerings such as Utility Data Management, we can use the captured utility data to verify savings related to control changes. If we also provide our Facility Maintenance offering, control issues can immediately be dispatched to the appropriate vendor and serviced right away.

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