Facility Maintenance

Facility Maintenance

At Powerhouse, we offer a uniquely, customized solution for managing all of your on-site facility maintenance issues. Many companies merely repair or replace faulty equipment on an “as needed basis” and fail to manage these assets properly. Through our 24/7/365 Customer Service Center, Powerhouse will assist you in managing all costs associated to the repair of your assets, and ensure that the best service value is gained from all of your vendors. This will extend the life cycle of all your equipment, and future purchasing decisions will be based on reliable data, such as maintenance costs and unit performance.

By providing one point of contact to your sites through our Customer Service Center, Powerhouse will:

-manage dispatching of your vendors to site
-detail work that was completed
-audit vendor invoices against work that was actually performed
-post all data to our online client portal
-provide customized reports for various reporting needs, such as monthly accruals, yearly budgeting, etc.
-provide customized invoicing data in a format suitable for import into your accounting software, effectively removing any double entry of invoices
-provide an invoice payment service, which will further reduce your accounting costs

As any good investor knows, a longer life cycle on any piece of equipment means a better ROI, and a stronger reflection to your cash flow and financial bottom line. Powerhouse can assist you in making this become a reality.

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