Utility Data Management

Utility Data Management

At Powerhouse, we offer a customized solution to managing all your utility and energy requirements. As national multi-site companies continue to expand and add locations, focus is generally placed on concerns related to growth, and proper detail is not placed on the measurement and management of existing costs. Even larger companies who have gone through their growth stage may not effectively manage their energy portfolio, as they may not have the required skill set internally, or they have contracted these services to a third party before realizing all the options that are available to them within the marketplace.

Powerhouse will begin by taking an in-depth look at your company’s current energy/data management program. No matter how advanced or simple your program currently is we are able to help you discover and explore other avenues where added reductions can be found.

A key component of any energy management program is the management of your utility data, but this is not as simple as opening your utility bill, inputting the utility costs into your accounting software, and then rubber stamping the invoice for payment. Besides some obvious flaws in these steps, there is a lot more to the process of utility data management, and this is where our expertise is invaluable. We can assist you in reducing your current utility costs, your overall energy usage, and your internal labor costs associated with managing this portfolio yourself.

Powerhouse offers several levels of service related to utility data management, but generally we will:

-take over the receipt of all utility bills on behalf of your company – all bills are scanned and posted to an online portal
-capture and house all billing data within EnergyCAP – data is audited for billing errors, missing periods, incorrect rates, abnormal increases in cost/usage, etc.
-provide customized accounts payable data in a format suitable for import into your accounting software, effectively removing any double entry of utility bills
-provide customized reports for various reporting needs, such as budgeting, monthly accruals, account performance tracking, etc.
-provide additional services, such as the setting up of new accounts, closing of old accounts, commodity procurement assistance, and energy efficiency advice
-provide a bill payment service, which will further reduce your accounting costs

To get started, please contact us and we can quickly assess where your company is currently at, where you hope to get to and how we can assist you in getting there.

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